What You Need To Know When Installing A New Exhaust System On Your Performance Car


If your car needs a new exhaust system installed, finding the right one and putting it on the vehicle can be challenging. But for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it can be rewarding when it is complete. Finding an exhaust system for your performance car and installing it at home often means finding one that is complete and made correctly so that everything lines up and is easy to install.

Kits And Contents

When looking for an exhaust system for your classic or performance car, you need to consider how much of the exhaust you want to replace. If you are restoring the car, you may need to replace the entire system from the engine back. For modern cars, the upgrade might be for performance, and changing specific parts may be a better option. The kit you order for your exhaust replacement should reflect the need for the car. There are all kinds of kits on the market, including kits that have the exhaust manifolds back, kits that only provide the rear mufflers and exhaust pipes or catalytic convertors, or a combination of them all. If you find an exhaust system online that appears to have everything you need, contact the vendor to get a kit breakdown to clarify the parts before you order the kit. The vendor should know what pieces are in the box, and if not, you may want to consider using a different vendor that can provide better information to ensure you get what you need.

Installing Your Exhaust

Once the exhaust system arrives, it is essential to open the box and go through all the components in the system before you start taking the old exhaust system off the car. Make sure that you have all the pieces required to do the job, and if there is something missing, call the vendor so they can send the missing piece to you. Some exhaust systems will come partially assembled, and others will include all the parts but with no assembly. The kit should have instructions to help you decipher the positions of the pieces, but experienced mechanics may not need the instructions, especially if they have exhaust repair experience. Take your time removing the old exhaust system to ensure hangers and brackets are not damaged, and then loosely install the new system under the car so you can make sure it's going to work before you tighten everything. Once the exhaust system is fitted, you can go through and tighten the clamps and brackets, then check the system for leaks by running the engine and looking for any spots where the exhaust is escaping from the pipes.  

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25 April 2022

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