Why Letting A Crack On Your Windshield Linger Is A Terrible Idea


Your day is going great. You are driving down the road without a worry in the world, and then, it happens. Something smacks into your windshield and leaves a crack in the glass. So much for that great day, right? Thankfully, a cracked windshield doesn't have to be the end of the world. A windshield repair service can take care of your problem and get you back on the road.

But that said, it's important that you get your cracked windshield taken care of as soon as possible. Letting a crack stick around or linger is a very bad idea for a number of different reasons. Here's why you should contact a cracked windshield repair service as soon as possible.

You Could Be in Serious Trouble If You Hit Something With Your Front End

That little crack might not look like much, but what it has just done is lowered the structural integrity of that part of your car. If you are driving at a high speed and collide with something with the front end of your car, that little crack could turn into a completely shattered windshield in an instant. Windshields are normally quite sturdy by design and are expected to stay intact in all but the most severe collisions. But once you crack the glass, all of that engineering could go out the window.

Your Airbag Might Not Work Right Either

As if having your windshield shatter on you isn't bad enough, a cracked windshield could lead to further complications for your airbag. This isn't commonly known, but your airbag uses the structural integrity of the front of your vehicle, including the windshield, to make sure it launches itself in the other direction towards the driver. Your windshield is a backstop for the airbag, in other words. If your car's windshield shatters, the airbag could just shoot directly upwards towards the now destroyed windshield, and it won't be in the proper position for the driver at the moment of the accident.

You Might Get Thrown Out of the Vehicle

This article just noted that a front end collision with a cracked windshield could shatter the windshield completely, leaving the driver exposed and possibly with an airbag that doesn't function correctly. How could things get any worse? Well, you could get thrown out of the vehicle.

Hopefully, you are wearing your seatbelt at the moment of impact. But if you are not, your windshield could be the only thing that keeps you inside the car. If the windshield shatters, there will be no barrier to keep you from getting ejected from the car.

Don't let a small crack turn into a disaster. Contact a windshield repair service today.


26 December 2019

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