4 Ways To Protect Your Car From Sand


If you are planning on visiting the beach, you are going to want to make sure that you protect your vehicle from all the sand it will encounter. Sand can be very difficult to get rid of once it gets in your vehicle, so you want to make sure that you protect your vehicle.

Install All-Weather Floor Mats

Before you head off to the beach, switch out your carpet floor mats with some all-weather floor mats. All-weather floor mats are made out of rubber. They have raised edges around the outside rim of the floor mats.

When you get in and out of your vehicle, the all-weather floor mats will catch the sand on your shoes and ensure that it doesn't get ground into your carpet. You'll also be able to easily pull the all-weather mats out of your vehicle and just wash them down to clean them up.

Line Your Cargo Area

Next, you are going to want to line your cargo area as well. You can purchase floor mats for your cargo area as well. Once again, a rubberized mat that has raised edges is the best option. Floor mats for your trunk are called cargo liners, and you can find one that is made to exactly fit your specific trunk. That way, all the gear that you put in and out of your trunk will not transfer sand into the carpet in your cargo area.

Use Mesh Bags

For your belonging when you go to the beach, instead of using regular beach bags or reusable shopping bags to tote your items down to the beach, use mesh bags. Mesh bags are really great for trips to the beach. You can put your items inside of the bag, and then shake the bag to get rid of the sand. The sand will be able to fall out of your bags before you even get back to your car. You will not have to deal with a lot of sand sitting at the bottom of all your bags, just waiting to spill out.

Put On Seat Covers

Finally, it is a good idea to protect your seats when you are taking a trip to the beach. Put some basic seat covers over your seats. That way, you will not have to worry about everyone getting all the sand off themselves before they get into your vehicle. You can easily remove and clean the seat covers when you get home.

Protect your car from sand on your next beach vacation by swapping out your carpet mats with all-weather corvette floor mats, putting a cargo liner in your trunk, putting covers on your seats, and using mesh bags for your belongings. When you get home, clean the floor mats, cargo line and covers and enjoy your sand-free vehicle.    


26 March 2018

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