Essentials To Turn Your Stock Pickup Into A Workhorse Truck


There are lots of things you can do to your regular pickup truck that can transform it from a normal vehicle to one that will perform as a real workhouse. Think of your pickup truck as the foundation upon which you will build your dream truck that can do any of the heavy duty driving you need from it. So, you can take your regular standard pickup truck and add some things that are perfect aftermarket accessories. This way, you can tow heavy duty items, drive off-road, and protect your vehicle so that it doesn't breakdown and get banged up. Here are some things to do.

Hitch Attachment

If you want to tow anything of significant size, you will want to get a hitch attachment welded onto your pickup. You never want to tie on a heavy trailer to the bumper as it will pull off. A hitch, if your truck didn't already come with one, is absolutely essential.

LED Tow Lights

If you are going to be towing a small trailer, you will want LED Tow lights. These are absolutely essential for the safe movement of your truck and trailer. The trailer absolutely needs to have lights so that drivers behind your truck will know when you are going to stop. So, when you hit the brakes in your vehicle, it's vital that the people traveling behind you on the road are alerted to this and that they too know. You can get easy to install led tow lights. This way you can attach them and be on the road whenever you need.

Brush Bars

If you're going to be driving in any sort of off road capacity then you want brush bars. These can protect your car from limbs and other items that might bang and crack the front glass on your lights. These bars are also good in a construction site situation where you are going to be parked around other big trucks. You can never gauge how cautious the drivers will be so it's important to have your truck guarded so that if they accidentally back into your car they won't smash the lights.

Mud Flaps

Another thing to do is to install mud flaps which will protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from dirt, and more importantly, the potential for rust. These mud flaps are absolutely vital if you ever do drive off road, and on unpaved dirt roads. The muddy lots of lumber yards, stoneyards, dumps, and construction sites are notorious for having muddy spaces after a rain, so you need to protect your vehicle.

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15 January 2018

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