Custom-Fit Car Floor Mats


Customized car floor mats are usually the domain of auto repair shops that need paper mats to protect customers' cars. However, regular floor mats can be customized too, specifically for your car. These provide extra protection and can jazz up the interior of your car very easily.

Extra Protection

If you find yourself resting your left foot on a part of the floor that isn't covered by your car's standard floor mat, a custom-fit floor mat lets you cover up that section and keep the carpeting clean. The same goes for the passenger side in front and the floor in back; if your kids, for example, are resting muddy soccer shoes on parts of the carpet that aren't covered by mats, have some mats custom fit for those areas, and clean them weekly.

Color Coordination

Sometimes car interior colors aren't that exciting. It's good to have a main color that goes with the exterior of the car, but you can add some personal touches by having new mats dyed in a color of your choosing.

Easy Cleaning

Many custom-fit car floor mats are made from a plastic or rubber material that is very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the mat off; maybe use a mild detergent if the dirt has gotten really bad. Regular floor mats, which look like pieces of carpet, can be harder to clean because dirt settles into the mat's fibers over time.

This ease of cleaning is especially good if you go to the beach or a riverside or lakeside park a lot. Sand is notoriously hard to get rid of, and sometimes it actually seems to multiply on its own. When you have a carpet-style floor mat, that sand falls into the fibers and digs in. You can find sand in those mats for months, even with diligent vacuuming. With plastic or rubber custom-fit mats, though, just take the mats out of the car and shake them a few times. You'll notice a quick decrease in the amount of sand you have to deal with in your car.

Stain Prevention

Along with the easy cleaning comes easy stain prevention. The plastic and rubber might not be totally stain resistant, but if you spill something and wipe it up quickly, you can prevent a lot more staining. On a carpet-style standard mat, that spilled material would set in rather fast.

Take your car in to get the floor areas measured and the mat designed. You'll find life in your car is a lot easier once you have the custom-fit mats installed. To learn more about custom-fit floor mats, contact a company like Koolatron Corp.


5 May 2017

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